Surgery #5

HSN went fine, no pain, and my uterus appeared “normal”. HOWEVER, what remains of my left ovary, is completely covered in endometriosis. This is the main reason I wanted to do this because I have been having a lot of pain in that ovary. I knew it. The endometrioma (blood filled cyst)that is encasing my … Continue reading Surgery #5

PGS results

11 eggs retrieved7 fertilized3 made it to blastocysts to be frozen2 came back normal from PGS❄️❄️ two little frosties waiting for us! We are so grateful and so glad we decided to bite the bullet and pay for PGS testing this round. Peace of mind is priceless. I should be getting my FET (frozen embryo … Continue reading PGS results


STIMS 💉 live from my kitchen table👌🏼 I had my baseline yesterday. It didn’t go exactly as planned, I didn’t get the best news but we are moving forward. There is another endometrioma on what remains of my left ovary. An endometrioma is a blood filled cyst caused by endometriosis. Dr. Miller removed most of … Continue reading STIMS

Mother’s Day from an Infertile’s perspective

As Mother’s Day approaches I can feel my emotions start to build. It happens every year around milestones, birthdays or holidays but on Mother’s Day specifically, all those past feelings start to resurface. It’s a marking point. Another year has come and gone. Those hopeful thoughts of “by next mother’s day I’ll definitely be pregnant … Continue reading Mother’s Day from an Infertile’s perspective